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What is an Eviction Notice?

An Eviction Notice is an order from the court informing you, as a homeowner, that you will be removed from your home on a specific day and time, this is normally due to mortgage arrears. This must not be ignored. The Eviction Notice will say the date and time the court bailiff will attend your home. If you are at home at the time then they will explain that you are being evicted and that you must leave the property straight away. The Bailiff will give you a maximum of 10 minutes to pack up a few personal items. You will have 14 days to collect the rest of your personal belongings such as your furniture and your clothes. Should you not arrange to collect them within the 14 days they will be removed and disposed of.

Eviction makes no regard if you have young children, sick or elderly relatives, it’s a heart breaking process and at that point you become homeless. In addition to this once your house is sold by the mortgage company if you still owe them money – they will still pursue you for this, if the mortgage was joint with an ex-partner then they will pursue you both separately.

In order for us to help you we must arrange to go to court BEFORE the eviction takes place – we can help in almost every homeowner eviction case but time is of the essence and we need as much time to prepare as possible.

What Action do we take to Stop Eviction

Our first task is to understand at what stage of the legal process you are at. Every clients situation is unique, so it is important for us to get accurate & relevant information about your circumstances. This will help our legal team decide on the best course of action for you.

We will ask you a number of specific questions, and perform a detailed income and expenditure analysis. Once this has been completed with our Legal Team will be able to recommend the best course of action for us to take.

Challenging Eviction at the First Hearing

If you have been given a date to attend court for a repossession hearing, then we will put together a proposal for your lender. The proposal will detail how you plan to make your contractual mortgage installments, as well as making a further monthly contribution towards your mortgage arrears. If necessary, we will arrange for somebody to be with you at court on the day of the hearing to hold your hand through the process and to achieve the best result possible.

Stopping Eviction at the Second Hearing

If you contact us after your mortgage lender has been granted a repossession order – we can still help.

We can explain how you can set up an Emergency Hearing at your local County Court. Our objective is to clearly demonstrate to the Court that following a review of your financial circumstances you have been able to restructure your outgoings in such a way that you are now able to maintain payments moving forward. This can be done even on the day of eviction as long as we are appointed prior to the bailiffs appointment.

Can Lender & Court Services Ltd Stop Your Eviction?

We will try our very best to help you. We have to be realistic about your financial circumstances, of course, if you can’t afford your mortgage payments or to contribute towards your mortgage arrears, then you may need to consider other options. For instance, if you were to agree to selling your home at a competitive market price that will clear the mortgage, any arrears and release equity, the court may allow you extra time to sell the property especially with cases where there is substantial equity.


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