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Repossession Solicitors

Repossession is a specialist area of lawthe review centre and it is always worth checking if your chosen Solicitor has experience of this area of the law. It is also valid to enquire if the Solicitor that you are using to advise you or represent you regarding a repossession has very recent experience as the case law changes all the time. Another important point is if they attend court and represent clients very often as there are some Solicitors and Paralegals that are very well versed in the law but they are not strong advocates in front of the judge.

So it really is very important when selecting a Solicitor that you interrogate their credentials and with regard to Repossession in particular that you ask if they are experienced litigators as a small practice of provincial Solicitors that do a mix of family, matrimonial and conveyancing work will probably not be sufficiently equipped to deal with Repossession matters and indeed if they do a poor job this could result in you losing your home when using a more specialist practice might have achieved a reprieve for you.

The other important issue to overcome when instructing Repossession Solicitors to act to stop Repossession is costs. Repossession Solicitors will normally charge an hourly rate of well over £125 per hour and this can very quickly add up so always try and negotiate a fixed fee if you can.

Based on our research, a privately funded Solicitor that assists you with a Repossession matter that negotiates with the lender and prepares all the required evidence for the lender after which then goes on to draft an application and a supporting witness statement along with attendance at court will charge well in excess of £1,500 + VAT (£1,800 Gross).

Of course if you think you qualify for Legal Aid then you should visit the website of the Community Legal Service and you will be taken through a process of assessment and if you qualify your case will be given to one of their panel Solicitors. You will have no choice in the Solicitor appointed and this could be someone local or someone that will deal with the matter remotely, Repossession Solicitors are extremely specialist and it is unlikely this will be available. Since the changes came into effect regarding the funding of Legal Aid, this “streamlining” of the system has cut costs but it has also made it harder for those most in need to access justice.

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