A Possession Order is a Court Order that is normally due to Mortgage Arrears. This is the outcome of Legal Proceedings started by your Mortgage Lender which results in a Claim for Possession of Property and leads to a Mortgage Possession Hearing.

Defending a Possession Order

If you do not defend the claim the court will make a Possession Order. Normally the Court will grant a 28 Day Possession Order which means that you will have to give the Lender Possession of the Property in 28 days. The Court will send you the Possession Order and it will detail the date that you must leave the property, or give Possession to the Lender. Most people do not leave on this date at it is at this point the Lender can write to court and explain that you have not given them Possession and ask the Court issue an Eviction Notice this is where the court send a Bailiff with a Locksmith to change your locks and effectively remove you from the property.

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What our clients say…

[testimonial width=”3/4″ author=”Mr Quin” author_title=””]Hi there my names Mr. Quinn from Bradford. I’d just like to say thank you very much to revival for helping me recently. In court I was very unsure of what to do. Went on their website, spoke to Luke and even spoke to him over a over a weekend and he was very helpful as this was all last minute. We arranged to see a solicitor who met us in court before the proceedings and we got everything settled amicably so I was very impressed with the service and would recommend it to anybody else.

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