DO NOT SELL TO A “FAST SALE” COMPANY, get Repossession property advice today.

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Lender & Court Services have launched a new business called Lender & Court Services Property Solutions Ltd and can offer repossession property advice. This is a specialist property services business that assists those who need to sell their houses as quickly as possible BUT at the FULL MARKET VALUE.

We have a team of specialist Asset Managers who can assist in Repossession property advice that has come from a background of working for Mortgage Lenders and will give you the same high level service. We can help all types of clients and property values including those in NEGATIVE EQUITY.

This combined with our legal knowledge is a truly powerful combination as we can present a strong case to the court to give you the time that you need to sell at the FULL MARKET VALUE.

Over the last 12 months, we have completed a number of transactions that have saved people selling their homes cheaply to a fast sale company or online estate agency who are not interested in your circumstances and simply want to make fast money. In one recent case we saved our client over £60,000 of equity.

The service we provide includes the following:


Do not underestimate the power of this service, “FAST SALE COMPANIES” will ONLY ever offer cash purchases at 70% of Market Value and sometimes lower, also they will normally play tricks by offering a HIGH PRICE and then dropping their offer bit by bit until you are at the 70% level BUT you are committed by that stage.

Also, MOST of the people on the internet are NOT CASH BUYERS but act as introducers for ARMCHAIR INVESTORS who are not cash buyers either and do not provide the best Repossession property advice.

Also, beware of FAST SALE COMPANIES offering completion in 7 Days – This is simply NOT POSSIBLE. The team that we have assembled includes very experienced conveyancing SOLICITORS, knowledgeable ASSET MANAGERS and a panel of the UK’s best performing ESTATE AGENCIES and they all Say you cannot complete a Property Sale in 7 Days the legal process takes longer.

Given the opportunity, we know for sure that we can make your transaction easier and you will benefit from the sale or walk away either DEBT FREE or with an arrangement in place with your Lender.

We also specialise in cases with NEGATIVE EQUITY and will NEGOTIATE and MEDIATE with your LENDER to arrange a COMPROMISE so that you can sell your property and make a FRESH START.

We treat every case with the BESPOKE care that is required – Indeed there is no time limit to our service and no “process” we treat your case and you as the individual that you are and ensure that all your circumstances are taken into full consideration.

Call us today on 0161 393 6826 for Repossession property advice and we can discuss your case in detail. Office hours are 9am -5pm Monday to Friday outside of which time the calls will be diverted to a Director – we do not use call centres or inexperienced staff.


Need Repossession property advice?

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