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Luke Memory interviewed on 5 Live Daily


The Government is looking at changing the ways in which County Court Judgments or CCJs are issued in England and Wales to try to better protect consumers. Judgments are used by lenders to enforce debts that can affect people’s credit rating for up to six years. There are concerns that judgments are often made against people without their knowledge because the papers, have been sent to an old address.
Luke Memory from Lender & Court Services was interviewed by Sam Walker on 5 Live Daily about the issues, together with Justice Minister Dominic Raab MP, who has launched a consultation regarding the process of securing a CCJ against someone, and Baroness Ros Altmann CBE, who has campaigned on this issue.
You can listen to this informative 10 minute interview here.

"Big thanks guys help me get my life back on track"
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Overall well impressed they all ways phoned me help me in every way and even when I won the court case they still phoned me to see if everything was ok.
So would recommend Lender and Court to everyone.
Big thanks guys help me get my life back on track .
"Did exactly what they said would do… were great"
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Just want to thank you and your team, for helping me through this. I don’t think I had the easiest of cases but you were always accessible and responsive to my phone calls, emails.
You were also patient with my questions, which is exactly what someone needs when they are stressed out about something they don’t quite understand how to navigate.
Paul Brinklow
"Fantastic service, really pleased"
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Although my case turned out to be a bit messy, the team at lender & court services went above and beyond what they had to do to get my cases sorted.
We were messed about a bit by the court administration service but I felt fully supported by the team.
"What an amazing company"
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I cannot thank Lender and Court Services enough.
Obviously it is very scary finding out you have a ccj and no knowledge.
I contacted lender and court services as to help me with this and they were fantastic.
"Fantastic, efficient and reliable"
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My experience with Lender & Court Services were fantastic, I contacted them when I had a ccj on my file which I was unaware of due to a parking ticket which was sent to my previous address, I got in touch with this company and they were so efficient and reliable.
"Would recommend them to anybody"
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Lender and Court services were very knowledgable and were able to advise me on a simple process to get the CCJ removed. It was successful and well worth the money.
My credit score is now in the excellent category again over 900 and I can now move forward with my life.

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