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Full Assessment

Once you are on board and we are acting for you we will complete a full assessment of your case by reading the most recent letters from your Lender and their Solicitor. We will contact the Lender and confirm the exact details of your Mortgage or Secured Loan, including the precise Arrears Figure, the Remaining Term and the Balance Outstanding. This will ensure that we are all dealing with correct information.

At this stage we will speak with you again to undertake an analysis of your Income and Expenditure. Using recognised and accepted guidelines, we will make sure that you are allowing for enough expenditure for essentials such as Food & Household Goods and Utilities etc so that any arrangement we propose is affordable and sustainable so you can still afford to live as well.

What our clients say…

“I’m calling regarding the service Lender & Court Services gave us, it was very much appreciated, it saved us at the end of the day and would have no hesitation recommending Lender & Court Services to others. Thanks again for the help and support.”

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