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Free Case Assessment

In your free case assessment we will initially talk to you about your circumstances and gather the basic details and background to your situation. This will help us to establish if we can present a legal case to your lender or the court. If we can we will recommend one of our solutions that may include elements of negotiation with your Lender or their Solicitor, Court Representation and we will provide you with a report in writing on the outcome of the work that we have done for you.

What our clients say…

“I had a week to go before the eviction on my property, I spoke to Lender & Court Services and with less than a week they rallied around to sort paperwork and got somebody to represent me at court with me. It was suspended. Very economical, they even helped me stagger my payments. Very, very friendly and very, very helpful. Recommend them to anybody and they do help.”

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