Lender and Court specialise in CCJ removal.

You might never need us.

But one day you might have a County Court Judgment against you, like one of our clients recently did.

He didn’t even know about the CCJ’s existence until it started causing real problems for him at his workplace.  Dividing his time between the UK and Singapore, working in the financial sector, he was abroad when the notification of the CCJ was served to him by a debt collection company.

Having to prove his credibility whilst working in a busy and high-pressure environment became extremely stressful.

He called Lender & Court and was able to resolve his problem swiftly and easily – in the end, his judgment was set aside without him even setting foot in a court of law.

Because Lender & Court know exactly what they’re doing, with a one-off fee their warm and friendly team can fix your CCJ issues.  There are no hidden extras and no more toxic stress cocktails – we make sure you get your life back in balance in just 8 – 12 weeks.

Call Lender & Court on 0345 302 0015 to find out how you can become CCJ-free and start enjoying life again.