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We have been issued with a licence by the Bar Standards Board under the Licensed Access Scheme here is a link to the BSB website.

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Fixed Fee CCJ Removal Service

CCJ Removal Service

Lender & Court Services are a specialist firm of Licensed Paralegals that provide a fixed fee CCJ removal service. We are also registered on the Public Record of Judgements and fines. This tells people that you have a debt that has not been paid, and as such you may be declined for credit products, such as Mortgages, Loans, Car Finance, Credit Cards, Insurance etc. It can even affect your current job or the prospects of new employment.

Unlike most other legal firms, we offer a good value fixed fee CCJ removal service which provides you with the advice you need without the uncertainty of what the overall cost will be.

The process of removing a CCJ is complex and fraught with pitfalls. It is not straight forward and can take around 8-12 weeks for an average case. It can take a lot longer if your case is more complicated.

Here is an overview of our 10 step “Standard Service”:
Lender & Court Services Standard CCJ Removal Service Procedure Overview
Steps 1-10
Explanation of Process

Step 1 – Get Court Papers

We will request a copy of the court papers from the court, in order to check the validity of the claim and ensure that we have the correct claim number.

This process takes 2 Weeks.

Step 2 – Contact the Claimant

We will contact the claimant and establish their position and if necessary request a copy of their paperwork regarding their claim against you.

This process usually takes around 2 weeks and is done simultaneously whilst we are dealing with the court.

Step 3 – Report Back to You

Once we have done the initial investigation, we will report back to you and discuss the best way forward. This is normally by agreeing to pay the Judgement either by a single payment or on a monthly arrangement to pay.

The process of dealing with you and negotiating an agreement with the claimant takes up to 4 weeks, it can take less time, if we know the claimant, but on average 4 weeks is a good time estimate.

Step 4 – Make a proposal to the Claimant

If you accept liability for the claim, then as members of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) we will negotiate an agreement with Claimant that will enable the court to “set aside” your CCJ. This means the CCJ will be removed from the Public Register of Judgements.

This process is done in tandem with step number 3 (as above) and for this we allow 4 weeks. It can be quicker but 4 weeks is good general time estimate.

Step 5 – Instruct a Barrister to Draft the Agreement

Once the Claimant has indicated that they will agree the Legal Order then we will instruct a Barrister to draft the agreement. Once this is drafted it will be sent to the claimant for them to sign.

Once the agreement in in place this normally takes no longer than 7 days.

Step 6 – Submit the Agreement to the court

Once the claimant has sent back the signed agreement, we will send this to you with a pre-drafted covering letter for the court.
The agreement/order and the letter will need to be signed by you and sent to the court with a court fee of £100. We advise that this should be sent by recorded delivery to ensure that they are received.

ASAP but certainly not longer than 7 days from receipt.

Step 7 – Court Process

The court will present the paperwork to a Judge and if the draft agreement/order meets the relevant sections of the law then the court will approve the agreement/order and then your CCJ will be set aside or removed from the public register of judgements.

The courts processing times vary but on average the court will take up to 6 weeks to turn around the order.

Step 8 – Court Order

Once the Judge has made an order this will be sent to you, it may be written in a legal style that may be difficult to understand.

Once the Judge has made an order, you will normally receive the order within a week.

Step 9 – Judgement Removed

It takes the credit reference agencies a little time to catch up with the order of court, as such it can take up to 2 weeks for the judgement to come off the public register.

As explained, it can take about 2 weeks for the credit reference agencies to update their records.

Step 10 – Pay Judgement Debt

We always try and negotiate for you to pay the Judgement Debt (CCJ) once the court have confirmed that the Judgement can be set-aside. There can be occasions where the claimant will ask for payment in advance. We deal with each case on a bespoke basis and we will advise at each stage of the process.

Once you have the order of court confirming that the judgement has been set aside, you will normally have 14 days to make the agreed payment.

As outlined, our process takes around 8-12 weeks as outlined above for a standard case. We generally deliver 10-15 hours of work on your case and this is spread over each stage of the process. It can be complicated, often the claimants can be difficult to deal with, and the court are often under resourced which means they can be slow to respond. 

For a standard case we charge a fixed fee of £599 (VAT Exempt). Court fees are extra and for a Consent Order, as outlined above, the court fee is £100.

We do offer a number of CCJ removal services depending on how complicated your case is or if you dispute the debt. Please call us on 0345 548 4345 in order for us to assess your case and we can establish if you have legal grounds to ask the court the set aside your judgement. Remember only the court can order your CCJ be removed, and you must have legal grounds to do so, or the court will reject your request.

A large percentage of our cases fall into the “Standard CCJ Removal Service” so it is quite likely that yours will also. We do prefer the opportunity to speak with you and discuss your case in detail. This is to ensure that we have a full and comprehensive understanding of your case and your objectives so we can advise you correctly.

With that in mind if you would like to send us the details of your case prior to the case assessment then we ask you to click the links below. Each link will lead you to a secure webform where you can submit the required information. 

The whole process will take no longer than 20 minutes.
  1. https://lendercourt.com/ccjapplication
  2. https://lendercourt.com/ccjauthority
  3. https://lendercourt.com/upload-wizard This is to send us any copies of any documents, if you have anything)
  4. If you don’t already have access to your credit report, it will also be necessary to get a copy of your credit file in order to confirm the claim number. We work with Check My File and you can access a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL HERE: https://www.lendercourt.com/checkmyfile
  5. To make payment of the £599 fee our Bank Details for electronic payment is as follows: Barclays Bank Plc Account Name: Lender & Court Services Ltd, Sort Code: 20-91-48 Account Number: 23945421 or we accept Visa and Mastercard debit and credit card payments & PayPal on request.

Lender & Court Services Ltd are members of the Institute of Paralegals and we are Licensed by the Bar Standards Board (They regulate Barristers) Last year we were also delighted to be featured in the Law & Justice Edition of The Parliamentary Review. If you would like to know a little more background about Lender & Court Services click this link and read the article: https://www.theparliamentaryreview.co.uk/organisations/lender-and-court-services We were also delighted to be finalists in the National Paralegal Awards and here is a link to the list of finalists: https://ppr.org.uk/national-paralegal-awards-2019-finalists/

In 2018 we appeared on Radio 5 Live to discuss the issue of County Court Judgements and you can listen here https://lendercourt.com/luke-memory-lender-court-interviewed-five-live-better-protect-consumers-county-court-judgements/ This year we assisted with finding case studies for Radio 4’s Money Box programme and you can listen to our client Claudia here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000f5sf

We hope that this will give you some reassurance that we are good firm with a quality CCJ removal service, and we will try our best for you.

Once you instruct us, we will explain the process again and start the work. The additional court fees are £255 if you have to attend a hearing and £100 for a Consent Order (As outlined in the table above) and these are payable to the court directly once we are ready to submit papers to the court, as previously explained.

If you have a hearing listed, you will need to attend court. If required, we can arrange court representation. If your case becomes more complicated, we will let you know and explain the additional fees, this can sometimes happen if you want to dispute the debt. The timescales for these types of matters to be resolved can be up to 3 months but we try and resolve them as quickly as possible, this is our main objective. You can read our Terms & Conditions here: https://lendercourt.com/terms-and-conditions-county-court-judgement-services/

Finally, its well worth having a read of some of the kind reviews that have been left for us, here is a link to review centre where there are over 100 5-star reviews:


Please do call us on 0345 548 4345 for a FREE CASE ASSESSMENT if you are looking for a professional service then we can help. We hope to be able to assist you soon and help you become CCJ free.