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What is an N244 form used for?

If you have researched Eviction issues you may have wondered – what is an n244 form? The N244 Application Notice is the form that needs to be completed in order to secure an Eviction hearing with the District Judge prior to the eviction taking place. This form needs to be completed in detail and be legally correct in order to prepare the Judge for the hearing. The more detail and evidence that are submitted the better – but the points made need to be succinct and based on points of law. Completing an N244 can be a minefield as this is the main document that the Judge will use to make his decision regarding your case and if you do not mention all the points you wish to rely on he may dismiss your case.

Once an Eviction date has been sent you will need to fill an N244 Application Notice to secure a hearing with the District Judge you submit this to court over the counter. It is worth being aware that most court counters are open from 10am -2pm and most London courts are now operating an appointment system which means that you will need to visit court three times :

1) To make an appointment to submit the application
2) To submit the application and get the hearing date and
3) To attend the hearing itself

In most cases it is possible to stop an eviction, with only hours to spare but the longer we have the better to prepare your case and ensure that we have a detailed understanding of your circumstances that have caused you to be facing eviction and how your situation has now improved. Call Lender & Court Services today on 0161 507 7381 for further details of how we can help keep your home safe.

“Thank you so much for all of your help and advice, I can’t believe I contacted you only one day before my court hearing and two days before the eviction date, in this short time you were able to appoint a solicitor to represent me at the hearing and complete an income and expenditure form to show to the courts and provide a solution to my mortgage company towards clearing the arrears, which resulted in the eviction being suspended. I cannot thank you enough and would definitely recommend your company to anyone facing similar problems”

What is an N244 Form?

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