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What Happens at Court

Are you worried about what happens at court? We will help you to make an application at court that will grant you a hearing with the District Judge. The hearing will last for normally no more than 10 minute and we will make sure that you are very well prepared for the hearing.

To submit the application you will need to take this to court along with some other documents that we produce to support your case. You will need to pay a fee to the court of £40 and the court will tell you there and then when to come back for the hearing itself.

In most cases it is possible to stop an Eviction, with only hours to spare but the longer we have the better to prepare your case and ensure that we have a detailed understanding of your circumstances that have caused you to be facing Repossession and how your situation has now improved. Call Lender & Court Services today on 0161 393 6826 for further details of how we can help keep your home safe and guide you through what happens at court.

“Excellent Service with professional advice Court Representative was prepared to listen and thought carefully about her approach to the case. It was “touch and go” due to very late approach by me to Lender & Court Services — If I’d got in touch sooner I would have been more confident on the day. However, they sorted my problem and I recommend them highly.”

Are you worried about what happens at court?

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