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How to Stop an Eviction

As a homeowner with mortgage arrears you have probably asked yourself “how can I stop an Eviction?”, to stop an Eviction you firstly need to have a Legal Case in that you can pay your mortgage or secured loan and make a sufficient contribution towards the arrears. You will need to have a well prepared and detailed Income and Expenditure that meets the expenditure guidelines (common financial statement) along with evidence of income. If you would like to use our professional service to stop an Eviction Lender & Court Services will instruct solicitor’s to act on your behalf and represent you in court. Once an Eviction date has been sent, to stop an Eviction, you will need to fill an N244 Application Notice to secure a hearing with the District Judge you submit this to court over the counter. It is worth being aware that most court counters are open from 10am -2pm and most London courts are now operating an appointment system which means that you will need to visit court three times 1) to make an appointment to submit the application 2) to submit the application and get the hearing date and 3) Attend the hearing itself, here are the three possible outcomes from an Eviction or Possession Hearing. In most cases it is possible to stop an Eviction, with only hours to spare but the longer we have the better to prepare your case and ensure that we have a detailed understanding of your circumstances that have caused you to be facing eviction and how your situation has now improved. Call Lender & Court Services today if you need help to stop an Eviction on 0161 507 7381 for further details of how we can help keep your home safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being sent a court date means that your mortgage lender wants to apply to the court for a Repossession Order at a court hearing. The outcome of this court hearing is dependant on the individual circumstances of your case. However, if you have fallen on hard times, and now you are getting back on your feet as long your case is presented clearly and you can prove that you have an income and can afford your normal mortgage plus a small amount towards the arrears, it is likely a suspended possession order will be granted with a first hearing.

It is never too late for Lender & Court Services Ltd to help with your home being repossessed , but you need to call Lender & Court Services Ltd straight away. The longer we have then the more chance there is of saving your home.

Mortgage and Secured Loan Lenders see repossession as a last resort and there are many ways that you can avoid repossession. regardless at what stage of the repossession process you are at, Lender & Court Services Ltd can help.

Mortgage and Secured Loan Lenders see repossession as a last resort and there are many ways that you can avoid repossession. regardless at what stage of the repossession process you are at, Lender & Court Services Ltd can help.We have stopped repossessions where it has been literally the day before the repossession is due to take place. The more notice that Lender & Court Services Ltd get then the longer we have to draft your case, brief our specialist law firm, organise an emergency hearing and book your representative for court to get the repossession stopped.

Lender & Court Services Ltd can stop a Repossession up to the day of the eviction taking place, depending on your circumstances however you must talk to Lender & Court Services Ltd as soon as possible.

A Suspended Possession Order is when the court rules that you have agreed to a payment schedule with your mortgage lender in court. This means you will pay your usual mortgage payment plus a small amount each month towards your mortgage arrears. If you break this court order then your lender can re-apply to court to continue with the repossession process, and it is likely that the Judge will not be as understanding and may rule in favour of the lender, depending on the circumstances.

If you fail to make the monthly repayments on your mortgage you will go into arrears. If you do nothing about this your Mortgage Arrears will eventually lead to your mortgage lender applying for Repossession Order from a court, so that they can serve an Eviction Notice. If you have mortgage arrears then it is essential that you deal with them straight away and make this your priority.

We provide a specialist service that tackles the issue directly. We will take a full and detailed account of your circumstances and provide guidance during this stressful time. We have a team of experienced advisors who will explain the process that we will go through in presenting a case to your Mortgage Lender. Our service should stop all further legal action and give you the peace of mind that you can keep your home and pay any arrears off at an affordable rate.

Firstly, in this financial market if you have mortgage arrears it will be very difficult for you to get a new loan. You could try, but an expensive loan on a high interest rate tends to worsen the problem, by adding more pressure and may increase the chance of your home being repossessed.

Lender & Court Services Ltd have quickly become a recognised brand in dealing with people with mortgage arrears or facing repossession. We deal with Lenders every day in presenting our clients cases and establishing agreements to pay arrears over time, with a manageable and affordable payment arrangement.

It is always much easier to reach agreement with a Lender prior to any legal action and arrangements can be put in place more quickly.

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