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Eviction Outcomes

The Three Eviction Outcomes

There are three Eviction outcomes from a Possession Hearing, the first is where the Judge Dismisses your Application and you will get Evicted, the scheduled eviction will take place and your only option then is to Make an Appeal to a circuit judge. The other order is a “Suspended Order” and this is where the court will give you a chance to pay your mortgage arrears over a period of time. The only other outcome is where the Judge will Adjourn the Case due to an issue or dispute that cannot be resolved in court OR the Judge wants to see some evidence of payment or an update on a sale of the property.

If one of the three Eviction outcomes is that you do get evicted there is still some hope and you may be able to get the house back but it is very important that we act quickly and we let your lender know that you want the property back. Once eviction has taken place the laws that protect you BEFORE EVICTION will not protect you and you will expert support to speak with the lender and negotiate. In certain circumstances you can make an application to re-enter.

In most cases it is possible to stop an eviction, with only hours to spare but the longer we have the better to prepare your case and ensure that we have a detailed understanding of your circumstances that have caused you to be facing eviction and how your situation has now improved. Call Lender & Court Services today on 0161 507 7381 for further details of how we can help keep your home safe and detail on Eviction outcomes.

“Laura and Georgia have been absolutely fantastic; I have no idea what I would have done without the advice and total support throughout a very stressful time. David, my representative did a fantastic job – it wasn’t an easy case but we came out on a very positive note. Every time I spoke to Laura and Georgia they would always know what to say to make my day better and to make me smile. I would just like to thank Laura, Georgia and David for being so understanding, supportive and non-judgemental – I highly recommend Lender & Court Services.”

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