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Eviction Hearing

An Eviction Hearing can be stressful and it is very important that you are well prepared, we will arrange for a legal representative to attend and speak on your behalf. They will meet you before the Eviction hearing is due to start and review and discuss all the information that we have gone through and the documents that we have prepared. You will be called into court by the usher and taken into the court room. Some County Courts are small rooms where the Judge sits on the same level as you and other bigger courts or combined courts are much larger and imposing where the Judge sits on “the bench” higher up from you. He will ask the claimant for the details and why they want to evict you and then turn to your representative and ask them why you should in fact you should keep your home. This is the one and only opportunity that you have to save your home and it is vital that all the information you are going to rely on in court is at hand. We will help you with preparing all of this and ensure that your representative is made aware of all the facts regarding your defence.

At the Eviction Hearing

At the hearing the Judge will ask for the lenders solicitor to explain why they are taking this action he will ask for details of the arrears, recent payments, the balance of the mortgage and the term he will ask if the lender agrees that you can stay in the property based on a payment arrangement or if they oppose your proposal and want you to be evicted. This can be a stressful time and preparation is the key to success. This is the one chance that you have to protect your home. Lender & Court Services can guide you through the process and arrange for you to have a legal representative in court for the Eviction hearing.

In most cases it is possible to stop an eviction, with only hours to spare but the longer we have the better to prepare your case and ensure that we have a detailed understanding of your circumstances that have caused you to be facing eviction and how your situation has now improved. Call Lender & Court Services today on 0161 507 7381 for further details of how we can help with an Eviction hearing.

“Dear Faiza, I should like to say the following. Do not despair when all seems lost, there is someone to help. As a priest in the Cof E, the name ‘Lender & Court Services’ attracted me, and they lived up to their name. Our situation was transformed from despair to hope within 7 days. Faiza, our Adviser was great and kept us informed at least on a daily basis. She helped us to restructure our finances and negotiated a plan with the Bank’s solicitors that satisfied them, and the repossession was stopped. We know that we have to keep up the payments, but we know what we have to do to do that, and our mortgage will be paid in 71 months. As a Christian I believe that no situation is irredeemable or hopeless. Though they are not a Christian Organisation, Lender & Court Services believe the same about your repossession situation, so if you feel hopeless and helpless, call them today, then you can start to feel hopeful again and that all is not lost, there is a way through. Thanks Faiza and Lender & Court Services, you certainly revived us.”

Need to attend an Eviction Hearing?

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