Amazingly helpful team

Big thank you guys. I wasn’t aware that I had a CCJ on my credit report. I found out while I was checking my credit score. I contacted the team after a recommendation from a friend and truly they were amazingly very helpful. They did all the work for me and explained patiently. They were informing me with every update. It took about 8 weeks and the the ccj was eventually removed from my file and my credit score went up straight away. I would like to thank especially Phil, Emily and Lizzie who were always answering my phone calls and emails and keeping me in light step by step. Well done guys, thumbs up!

Z Zackaria

5 star service from beginning to end

I contacted Lender & Court Services when I became aware of a CCJ on my credit file. He was extremely helpful in advising the best course of action to take.
Although my case went on for longer than expected, I maintained contact with him throughout the entire process and found him to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.
Thankfully my CCJ was successfully removed and due to the complexity of the process I can safely say this would not have been possible without Lender & Court Services help.
I would recommend Lender & Court Services to anyone facing a similar issue, you will not be disappointed.
I received a 5 star service from beginning to end and could not be happier with the result.

Nicholas Marcinkowski

Top class service

I stumbled upon these guys on the interweb after finding out about my ccj.. after a couple of phone calls I decided to go with them..
The two persons who dealt with me were very informative, very polite and very quick to respond.
I m more than happy with the service I have received .. would I recommend them?
On a heartbeat!!


Tip top service

Michelle Paine

I found I had a ccj on my CreditExpert report paid it in full immediately. Contacted theses people explained way and within a matter of weeks I received a set-side from the courts with a removal from my report , over the moon as now my life feels like I can move on and maybe now I can buy a home . Highly recommended .

Michelle Paine

Big big Relief!!!

Thanks to Lender & Court Services. My CCJ has been set aside today and already updated with Equifax and CreditExpert. No hesitation whatsoever to recommend them! Thanks to all the guys I dealt with! Great team!



I approached Lender and Court to have a CCJ set aside, my experience with them has been nothing but amazing. Always very helpful and polite on the phone. My emails and calls were always responded to straightway – I cannot recommend them enough should anyone need a CCJ set aside!

Thank you Lender and Court for your help.


Professional, empathetic and compassionate

I approached Lender and Court in December with a CCJ I had but wasnt aware until I did a credit check. Phil Marshall immediately went to work on my case and filled in all the paperwork that I needed to submit to the courts and saw the process all the way through. Coming up the court day, Phil was happy to discuss the procedures and what to expect and prepared me fully on what to say to the judge. With L&C’s commitment to my case, I was able to have my CCJ set aside and couldnt recommend them enough to people like myself who feel so lost when they find they have a CCJ! Great work!

Edward Johns

Justice is served…

I had been done a wrong doing by a firm of solicitors who were collecting money on behalf of their client. I received a County Court Claim form from the solicitors and called them and made an arrangement with them to pay the debt in instalments. They told me that no further action would be taken as long as I kept up the payments, 2 days later a CCJ arrived. I called the firm of solicitors who told me unless I could pay in full “there was nothing they could do for me”.
I have since paid off the debt over a period, however I still felt very let down by the solicitors who I made arrangement with. I made the decision to do something about it.

The most difficult thing is pick-up the phone, and this is where I was very happy I choose to call Lender & Court Services. My point of Contact was a gentleman who listened to me and made me feel calm and agreed that I had been treated unfairly. This man then explained the process in detail to me and I decided to go-ahead and hire the services of Lender & Court Service to help me reach my ultimate goal of righting the wrong that had been done to me and getting the CCJ set aside.

To cut a long story short, after a couple of month back and forth with solicitors, we ended up in court. I was represented by a great chap who fought my corner like his like was dependant on it, and we got the result that was deserved (the CCJ getting set aside).

I would like to thank all the people who helped me for all the hard work they put in on my behalf.

I would highly recommend the team, and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone.


Fantastic, efficient and reliable

my experience with lenders & court services were fantastic, i contacted them when i had a ccj on my file which i was unaware of due to a parking ticket which was sent to my previous address, i got in touch with this company and they were so efficient and reliable in regards to putting a case together which resulted in my ccj being set aside. every time i would email them for an update they would respond in detail and call me regularly to let me know the progress.


Would recommend them to anybody

I obtained a CCJ for parking in MACCLESFIELD car park with parking eye. I moved house and did not receive the court order and so this was a shock for me when applying for credit.
Lender and court services were very knowledgable and were able to advise me on a simple process to get the CCJ removed. It was successful and well worth the money. My credit score is now in the excellent category again over 900 and I can now move forward with my life because of their knowledge and expertise. Would recommend them to anybody looking to remove CCJs from their credit file.


Did exactly what they said would do… were great

Just want to thank you and your team, for helping me through this. I don’t think I had the easiest of cases but you were always accessible and responsive to my phone calls, emails. You were also patient with my questions, which is exactly what someone needs when they are stressed out about something they don’t quite understand how to navigate.

I wish other companies had your customer service.

My fine was excessive and my treatment unjust for a parking violation company who had not followed procedures and I therefore had no idea what they were planning.

You have helped me because, not only was the result positive, you gave me hope throughout the process. Although this has cost me a lot of money, the fine, your fee and the court payment, I feel like a weight has been lifted. Thank you so much.

I’m sure I will be able to get the mortgage I want now.


Fantastic service, really pleased

Although my case turned out to be a bit messy, the team at lender & court services went above and beyond what they had to do to get my cases sorted. We were messed about a bit by the court administration service but I felt fully supported by the team.
I would recommend lender & court services to anyone who needs to apply to have a CCJ set aside, they did a fantastic job for me and got me the desired outcome. But be prepared for a long wait from the court to deal with you.


Paul Brinklow

What an amazing company

I cannot thank lender and court services enough.
Obviously it is very scary finding out you have a ccj and no knowledge.
I contacted lender and court services as to help me with this and they were fantastic.
I had a guy who was there at my beck and call he has walked me through the whole process given me advice when i needed it and also done all the work for me which was brilliant.
I had my court date 15th february to set my ccj aside and i won, all thanks to him.
I couldnt of done this without lender and court
Once again thank you for all that you have done for me.


Fast, efficient and effective

I regularly check my credit score using Clearscore and just before Christmas I noticed that my score had more than halved..!! I did some digging and found out that I had been issued a CCJ that I knew absolutely nothing about. All correspondence had been sent to an old address and it was in respect of an unpaid parking ticket that I did not even know that I had been issued. I contacted Lender and Court and they gave me some really good advice and told me what my options were and whether they thought I had a good case or not to get my judgement set aside. The person I dealt with at L&C was great, a real friendly guy and very knowledgeable in this field. He kept me well informed all throughout the process and other than me having to sign a few forms he took care of everything. The parking company agreed to set aside the judgement by consent as they agreed that I had moved and had never received the notifications or court summons. I had to pay L&C’s fees, the outstanding monies to the parking company and £100 in court costs but it was more than worth it to get the CCJ removed and my credit score back to where it should be. I would definitely recommend Lender and Court if you feel you have been wrongly issued a CCJ.



Big thanks guys help me get my life back on track

Overall well impressed they all ways phoned me help me in every way and even when I won the court case they still phoned me to see if everything was ok. So I would recommend lender and court to everyone. Big thanks guys help me get my life back on track.


Great service

I contacted Lender and Court Services when a CCj was registered against a client when it should not have been. They assessed the situation and advised the best course of action and then facilitated the paperwork. Fee was as quoted with no hidden/extra costs. Would recommend.