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Lender and Court Services are a licensed paralegal firm specialising in CCJ advice and removal.

Have you been issued a CCJ? Looking for CCJ Legal Advice?

When dealing with a County Court Judgment (CCJ) time is not on your side. You only have 30 days to pay the amount in full but the clock starts ticking from when the CCJ was issued, not when you become aware of it. By the time you know you’ve got a CCJ against your name you’ve likely lost a few days as the letter travels through the post. This is why seeking CCJ Legal Advice early is so important.

At this point, you need to act fast and get the best legal advice available. Not spend time trawling the internet to find out how a CCJ can impact you and learn the legal process to get it removed.

Lender & Court Services understand you want CCJ legal advice that makes sense. No jargon and no discussion around areas of law that do not specifically relate to your situation.

This is why we firstly take the time to understand your unique situation before presenting you with the best solution. CCJ’s typically impact 4 areas of your life however so we will always aim to cover potential impacts to your;

  • Credit rating and credit report
  • Job
  • Finances
  • Ability to borrow money

The first step is a free review of the Country Court Judgement issued against you. To do this we will;

  • Gather and review all documentation you have received to ensure it has been issued correctly
  • Understand your personal circumstances gathering basic details to better prepare options
  • Provide you with the avenues available to you and what the likely outcomes are

These steps mean that you will have advice tailored to your unique situation. Trying to work through these points yourself could lead to you making assumptions which may not apply, not be fair to you, and waste time if you get anything wrong.

Once this free assessment has been completed you can choose to instruct us to proceed and act on your behalf for which we offer a fixed fee service.

Do not get lost or bogged down in legal speak

Whether it is the initial CCJ letter or follow up correspondence with the lender, it may not be clear what is required or if there are alternative options to consider.

From their perspective, they are looking to recover the debt as quickly as possible. This will likely mean they will push for a resolution which is not in your best interest, telling you there is no alternative.

This is where we can step in. Lender & Court are well placed to act on your behalf to negotiate terms with the lenders and solicitors on the other side of the table. Our priority is to make sure you are aware of all options available to you by giving you sound CCJ Legal Advice. This means any decision you make is within your means.

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Court Representation

Couple in need of CCJ legal advice


Lender & Court Services Ltd are Licensed by the Bar Standards Board to instruct the Bar directly on behalf of our clients for representation before the county court and court of appeal (Civil Division).

While Lender & Court can provide you with a full review and CCJ legal advice of this specialised area, we are paralegals not solicitors. As such we cannot represent you at the hearing itself.

This is why we have cultivated a handpicked list of experienced legal representatives we can call upon when the need arises. In this way we can ensure you have everything you need from start to finish.

Having representation in court is crucial. Hearings will be no more than 10 minutes focusing on facts and evidence to be conveyed quickly and clearly. You might also need to challenge what the opposition claims. Most critically however, you must understand court procedure. When do you speak? How do you address the court? Even simple court etiquette such as knowing when to stand can be important in conveying the correct message.  

A court representative resolves all these headaches by bringing knowledge and confidence to your case.

Removing the CCJ

The end goal of all our CCJ legal advice is to get it removed as quickly as possible.

Our fixed fee service includes:

  • Assessment of your Legal Case regarding your CCJ
  • Writing to the Court to gain more information about your CCJ
  • Contacting the Claimant to confirm the details of the CCJ
  • Contacting the Claimant to attempt to agree a Consent Order
  • If required, provide a Court Application and ensure it is Legally Correct
  • Help preparing and presenting any required Evidence
  • If a Court Hearing is required, we will arrange a Barrister

We will keep you posted every step of the way, and we are available Mon-Sat 9.00am – 5.30pm

We will do all we can to successfully set-aside your CCJ.

Time is limited

At best you will have 30 days to resolve your CCJ before it becomes part of your record for the next 6 years. This 30-day deadline is based on when the CCJ is issued, not when you became aware of it. As such, if it was sent to the wrong address, the post was delayed, or you simply did not read your mail for a couple of days, you can find yourself rapidly running out of time.

The moment you are aware of a CCJ you should call us or fill out our online application form so we can start on your case immediately and bring you the best result.