Never heard of a CCJ?

Certainly never had a CCJ.

But you might have a County Court Judgment against you without even knowing it.  And that’s where it pays to call Lender & Court.

A police officer in the northwest was recently up for a promotion. Problem was, when the usual vetting procedures were under way, he was told that not only would he not get his new job, he was in danger of losing the one he already had!

He had a CCJ against his name. And that’s a no no for a police officer.

But how come?

Because without realising he’d collected two parking tickets

As a copper, he’s advised not to keep his parking permit in his car. But the apartment block he lived in required his permit to be shown. Because he wasn’t showing his permit he was ticketed. Twice.

He tried to sort it out, but he was pretty busy moving house – you know how things go sometimes.

The paperwork went to his old address, and apartment mailboxes are notorious. So he never even knew he had a CCJ against his name.

He went to the Citizens Advice Bureau.  They gave him advice on how to fix a CCJ, but how the heck was he going to do everything they told him?  He’d have to take time off work.

Fortunately, he found out that Lender & Court could remove his CCJ in between 8-12 weeks.

He got his new job.  Happy and CCJ-free, he’s relieved that this case is now closed.

Want to find a fix for your CCJ issues?  Call Lender & Court on 0345 302 0015 to find out how.