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Lender and Court Services are a licensed paralegal firm specialising in CCJ advice and removal.

Have you had a CCJ issued against you?

Becoming aware of a County Court Judgment (CCJ) being issued against you is an extremely stressful time. It’s the fear of the unknown. What is a CCJ? How did I get one? What does this mean? What should I do now? How do I fix this? All good questions and signs you need quality CCJ advice

As you answer some of the questions the stress can increase when you find our you only have 30 days to resolve the problem. Failure to do so damages your credit score for the next 6 years making it much harder to successfully apply for a loan, mortgage, or in some cases, gain employment with certain organisations.

At this point it becomes very clear you need CCJ advice. Fast!

We are not CCJ Removal Solicitors we are a firm of Licensed Paralegals

Unlike CCJ Removal Solicitors who will charge by the hour, we offer a specialist fixed fee service. We provide a clear explanation of our charges at the outset so you know what you are signing up for. In addition, there is really no such thing as a CCJ Removal Solicitor per se. Solicitors are by their very nature “general legal advisors” and will advise on all types of law; family, matrimonial, conveyancing, wills and probate etc.

In this respect we are not general solicitors. We specialise in this very niche and complex area of CCJ removal. Our success does mean many refer to us as CCJ Solicitors however. Calling us for guidance as to how to remove a county court judgment…High praise indeed!

We have also had a number of clients that had originally instructed a local solicitor to remove their CCJ but were unable to assist them. Our knowledge and experience has meant we have successfully taken over these cases and had those Judgments set aside or removed from the public register, which means it is also removed from your credit file.

We are licensed by the bar standards Board and able to arrange a Fully Qualified Barrister should your case be complex and require that extra level of care and attention to detail.

Specialist Fixed Fee Professional CCJ Advice Services
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Free review of your case to establish the legal grounds for your CCJ to be removed

If you have legal grounds we will explain the legal process, our service, and our fixed fee

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Advice and help are our first priority

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At Lender & Court we know your first priority will be to understand the situation so that you can be better prepared for what actions are needed, and what impact the issue will have on your finances.

To this end we offer a full legal case assessment free of charge. This gives us the information to provide full CCJ advice to your specific situation, and lay out your legal rights, the impact if not resolved, and costs that maybe incurred.

What we will do for you

Once you have reviewed the free assessment it is then your decision if you wish us to act on your behalf. While the fees are dependent on the complexity of your case, typically they are between £499 – £999.

For these fees:

  • One of our experienced case workers will assist you drafting the required legal paperwork so that it is in the correct format. They will also collate the required evidence needed to demonstrate whether the CCJ should be set aside on legal grounds. The court application may look simple but it must be completed accurately so that it is not dismissed. This would not only incur additional costs but may leave you without enough time to resolve the CCJ within the 30-day deadline.
  • We will talk to the claimant on your behalf and with time permitting, establish the basis for the claim, its timescales, where it was made, what it was for, and if it was sent to the correct address. Subject to your requirements, we may be able to negotiate with the claimant to set aside the CCJ allowing more time to resolve the claim.
  • If needed, we can arrange court representation via our network of experienced and qualified court advocates and Barristers. We will send you full terms and conditions of our service before you decide to proceed.

Parking Fine CCJ? – We can help

Parking fines are one of the main causes of CCJs in the UK, and typically why people need CCJ advice in the first place. Due to the low-level nature of the fine they can easily be missed or not taken seriously.

This is why Lender and Court have tailored a specific fixed fee service to remove what appears to be a small and minor fine, ensuring it does not have lasting consequences on your credit report and ability to get loans, mortgages, and contracts.

One of the biggest operators in the UK is Parking Eye based in Chorley. They have contracts with landowners to manage their parking restrictions and issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s) if you breach the Terms and Conditions of the Parking Regulations. Parking Eye have a contract with many sectors such as NHS Hospitals, Retail parks, Pubs & Restaurants, Supermarkets and Hotels.

Dealing with Parking Eye directly can be difficult as they are not contactable by telephone, they only have a “payment line” and can take some time to respond to emails. Regardless of this we have a good working relationship with Parking Eye and we have had many Parking Eye CCJs removed from our client’s credit reports.

Time is limited

At best you will have 30 days to resolve your CCJ before it becomes part of your record for the next 6 years. This 30-day deadline is based on when the CCJ is issued, not when you became aware of it. As such, if it was sent to the wrong address, the post was delayed, or you simply did not read your mail for a couple of days, you can find yourself rapidly running out of time.

The moment you are aware of a CCJ you should call us or fill out our online application form so we can start on your case immediately and bring you the best result. Remember, our CCJ advice is designed to take the hassel away and get the issue resolved quickly.